Ideal Home Care’s support and franchise management team will help you with the detailed market research and planning needed to effectively open and develop your Ideal Home Care franchise model. Your initial investment ranges will be impacted by a variety of factors, the chart below provides yoga course the range of expenses associated with opening a location of Ideal Home Care Services including working capital. You should review the FDD for additional information.

The items below will be required to start and run a successful Ideal Homecare franchise.

Type of expenditureAmountTo whom payment is to be made
Property Improvements$0-$5,000Contractors
Office Expenses$1,000-$2,000Vendors
Legal and Accounting$1,000-$3,000Law firm, accountant
Lease $1,300-$3,125Landlord
Computer Equipment and Software$2,000-$5,000Vendors
Furniture and Equipment$2,500-$5,000Vendors
Training Expenses$4,000-$8,000Airlines, hotels, restaurants
Market Introduction Program$4,500-$9,000Vendors
Additional funds (for first 3 months) $30,000-$60,000Employees, suppliers, utilities
Initial franchise fee$45,000-$45,000Us
Licenses and Permits$75-$500Government
Utilities$100-$500Utility companies
Dues and Subscriptions$100-$200Trade organizations, vendors
Insurance$500-$6,000Insurance company

For more information on the initial investment to open an Ideal Home Care franchise,

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